5 Things to Consider While Partnering with Healthcare BPO Providers

The healthcare industry is presenting unique challenges to clinical enterprises. Decelerated digital engagement for telehealth, lack of precision medicine, among others are some of the imposing challenges faced by healthcare enterprises.

Lack of capital and resources are the biggest adversaries for healthcare enterprises. These two factors are hindering the capability for a rapid adoption of digital technology or to bring innovation in the current medical care quality.

One of the chief reasons for such lack of funds is a sub-optimal revenue management across most of the healthcare enterprises. Hospital staffs are already stretched between multiple administrative tasks. This increases their chances of overlooking minute errors. Such errors curb the prospects of revenue generation, thereby resulting in financial crunch.

These challenges prompted enterprises to partner with healthcare BPO providers. They have the necessary expertise to execute critical administrative tasks to boost revenue generation. Here’s looking at the key factors that medical enterprises must consider while partnering with healthcare BPO providers.

Dedication to Service Quality  

This is one of the most critical factors to consider while partnering with healthcare BPO provider. An ideal partner is expected to organize constant upskilling programs for their experts. 

They must constantly monitor their employees’ performance to identify any lag and inform them to work on it. Outsourcing partners must generate timely quality reports to their clients. These reports must have a detailed summary of the training and quality improvement action plans.

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Expertise in Handling Complex Tasks

Expert healthcare BPO providers map their experts with the kind of clinical workflows experienced by their clients.

They source experts from regions that have medical administrative workflows similar to that of clients. This ensures the fact that the professionals dedicated by vendors have the requisite expertise to deal with clients’ complex administrative tasks.

Better Transparency

It is critical for an outsourcing partner to provide complete process transparency while working with their client. 

Ideally, healthcare BPO providers should appoint an account manager. This person should be the single point of contact between the client and the outsourced team. 

An account manager must be on top of all the production and quality workflows. He/ she should be available to promptly respond to their clients’ queries on the progress and status of the process.

Enhanced Security

Healthcare enterprises should look out for service providers who are accredited by URAC, HITRUST, and are compliant with SOC 1 & 2 guidelines. 

They should be able to prove their compliance with HIPAA guidelines via external audits. An ideal healthcare BPO provider should have robust data security backup solutions to recover critical data in case of any disasters.

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Technology Adoption

The revenue management cycle involves multiple and repetitive processes. It is an uphill task for any human to ensure zero errors while executing multiple tasks. Such errors can result in severe impacts in the form of inaccurate claim filings.

Healthcare BPO providers are expected to leverage advanced medical billing software and automation solutions. The intention behind using these technologies is to automate manual tasks and eliminate chances of errors. This allows staff the liberty to focus on more complex problem-solving medical administrative tasks.

Parting Note

In a consumer-centric healthcare, it is not enough for medical enterprises to provide quality medical care. Consumers demand an Ecommerce-grade digital and expedited experience when it comes to bill settlement and other such non-medical tasks. Healthcare BPO providers bring with them the right technologies and expertise. This empowers them to fulfill consumers’ demand for a highly responsive helpdesk, accelerated bill settlement, upfront knowledge on patient responsibilities, and so on.

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