5 Roof Ladder Options for Your Construction Site

Roof safety is extremely important when it comes to working on a construction site. As a site manager it’s your job to get the right height safety equipment installed in order to protect yourself and your staff. If you don’t know which roof ladder you should get, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this article we’ll go through only five of the roof ladder options out there for you to choose from. When hiring the correct company to install the roof ladder you’ll have access to all valuable options, so you can get the correct one installed. 

Remember, height safety is not something you should shy away from which is why you need a roof ladder. Let’s go through your options. 

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Caged Ladders

Just as the name suggests, this ladder has a cage around it. This is important as the cage can ensure that whoever is using the ladder doesn’t fall backwards. It gives the person a physical barrier between them and the ground. 

Falling off a ladder can be extremely dangerous and even lead to someone’s death so having a protective cage can make a huge difference. Providing enough protection means you won’t get sued for negligence if someone obtains an injury on site. 

A caged ladder can be installed for use with work up to the height of 6m and if this doesn’t suit your specific needs, you can get a different ladder that will do the job. Luckily, safety ladders have been created for all heights and construction sites so you can get the right one for you and your staff. 

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Caged Platform Ladders

You don’t always have to invest in different ladders and installations to get the job done. Some designs serve multiple uses. A caged platform ladder also has a cage but can get to 12m and you’ll have a platform making it easier for your staff to move in different directions. 

Note: Remember that it’s not only about the ladders, but also other aspects that will keep your team safe. While having the correct ladder system is important, you also need to make sure that your staff members are wearing the right outfits and equipment at all times. So, look into PPE to ensure you align your work methods with the necessary safety regulations. 

Pull Down Ladders

A pull down ladder is used to access a roof hatch in a safe way. You can choose from various different sizes in order to get the right ladder for your construction site. This is also the perfect ladder for people to use so no damage is caused to a wall by a loose standing ladder brought by a worker team. 

Of course, the main reason you should get a pull down ladder is for safety purposes but it’s an extra bonus that it prevents damage to any surrounding walls or paint. You would hate to be halfway through a project and then realising there will be additional expenses for touch up work to fix damage done by a wall ladder. 

Pull down ladders can also be installed when there is an attic that needs a form of access. 

Step Ladders and Bridges

When it comes to installing ladders on your construction site, it’s important to also think of future use. You’ll need the ladder to be installed so your staff can gain access to areas easier, especially when there is equipment for them to check up on regularly. 

With a step ladder and bridge, you and your staff have complete access to the roof in a safe way. This is also great for other people who enter your construction site to do safety checks or equipment installations. 

The bridges will have a maximum capacity, such as 150kg, which is important to note because the weight limit should not be forgotten. Exceeding this limit can be dangerous. 

Mini Access Ladders

It can be frustrating having to move between buildings when both require work. Without the right installations you may find themselves going up and down a ladder a couple of times just to get the job done. This can be avoided with mini access ladders. 

With this ladder, anyone can walk between the roofs of the buildings on your site safely which will then make any job that much easier to do. You don’t have to work up a sweat just getting up there. 

Final Thoughts

Have you taken all the right steps when it comes to roof safety? If an injury or accident were to take place on your watch, you and your company would be held legally liable. This is something that you can avoid with the right height safety equipment. 

It’s your responsibility to invest in the right equipment to keep everyone safe when they are performing a dangerous job on your property or under your watch. You’ll avoid lawsuits but as a bonus, this equipment helps you get the work done faster.