5 reasons you need to hire a workers compensation lawyer, Washington

In the U.S., hundreds of employees get injured in their workplace due to one reason or another. The next thing to do is file workers’ compensation in the state. If the injured person lives around Washington, The Walthew Law Firm helps you alleviate your case by the top attorneys in their arsenal. 

Filing a legal claim can be daunting if you do it yourself, as it might be confusing. Workers’ compensation lawyers have the expertise and experience to present your case at state board meetings, navigate trials, and work with medical records to reach a favorable settlement. Let us see under which circumstance you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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The insurance company or employer denies that it happened at the workplace:

It is commonly the case when a slight injury occurs at work and goes unreported. The injury becomes more profound at work, and the employer/carrier says the damage did not happen at work.

In case of chronic or pre-existing condition:

Having a previous condition could come as a barrier to navigating some claims. Insurance companies, your employer, or even the court may think that prolonged health conditions worsened the injury. The lawyer will use their skill to analyze every detail of your medical condition to provide evidence that your pre-existing condition is unrelated.

If you have received a revaluation request:

After successfully receiving the benefits, the battle isn’t over. Your employer’s insurance company may request a reevaluation to determine if your health has improved or if your injury is no longer debilitating. A reevaluation request can be intimidating or overwhelming. However, an attorney can help you deal with these events and receive all the benefits you need.

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If you want your lost wages:

One-third of America’s population is already struggling to manage their basic everyday expenses like housing, food, car expense, etc. Due to your injury, if you have lost your ability to earn money, paying your bills is more challenging and stressful. A lawyer understands the severity of the issue and the importance of receiving lost wages. He will thus keep fighting for you to get the benefits you deserve.

You need guidance, advice, and support: 

Filing workers’ compensation can be confusing for many if it’s their first time doing any legal process. One wrong step can weaken the claim. An attorney may guide you through the process and tell you what steps you need to follow to file your claim correctly. Previous experience and relevant legal process and law expertise will help strengthen your case. Bearing an injury is physically, emotionally, and financially draining. An injured person needs guidance, advice, and support to deal with the situation and be stable.