5 Places to visit in Sikkim

Northeast India, especially Sikkim, is known for its beautiful atmosphere and greenery. Still, not all the cultures that the people inhabit, from the food they consume to the lifestyle they live, are just perfectly majestic and soothing. Northeast India is mainly known for its tranquil environment and the cold of winter they experience. This place is surely a definition of how greenery can make a living a much better and more beautiful place. If you wish to walk on beautiful roads that are pathed with trees and plants, unique and rare birds, along with their indigenous culture and food, then this place is surely a place for exploration. It is not just a place for serenity, but it is packed with adventure and hiking. Travelling up to hilltops to view snow is definitely on your wishlist. Along with all these beautiful aspects, you also have a lot of flowers and fountains that will never fail to lighten and freshen your mood up. 

Sikkim tour packages range from 12,000 to 30,000, and the variation in the price is either because of the changes in places that each package within this range might offer or because of the changes in the number of days to stay. 

There are a few places listed that should not be missed if you visit Sikkim: 

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  • Gangtok: 

This is the capital of Sikkim and a must visit place because of the varied options it provides for you to travel. If you are a trekker and a mountain person, you have Gangtok serving your view if you are into the culture. Indigenous artefacts related to the city then also you would not be disappointed, and even if you want to see the modern aspects, you would be welcomed. Gangtok acts as a city with all the colours in its store and a box of new experiences. Also, if you want to visit any religious places, then Gangtok has some of the most beautiful temples. 

  • Nathula Pass: 

Almost 53 km away from the capital city that is Gangtok, this border has something related to strong political and sovereign reasons. The border is demarcated for separating two countries, that is, India from Tibet. Thus, the unique set of things that it has to offer you is the amalgamation of Sikkim and Tibet’s cultures. So if you think of buying things from here, you will definitely get a slight experience of Tibet as well. A place called Kupup here is known for the cloud coverage that it is famous for, and thus, experiencing and viewing something of this sort will definitely be a memorable moment. 

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  • Pelling: 

Another very famous place after Gangtok is this place called Pelling, definitely it for anyone who is seeking serenity and peace. Pelling is known for the food that they serve. It has the best variety of indigenous food, and thus, for anyone who is just here for a mini-vacation or detox, try the food here and this place for your mental peace and well-being. The maximum crowd in Pelling is seen between December and March because of the flourishing greenery and activities that call and summon the crowd towards them. 

  • Gurudongmar Lake: 

This lake is not like any other lake. It has been beautified because of the clear, clean water that it comprises and other than that it has the most fascinating and eye relaxing view ever. This place is definitely for anyone who loves water bodies and has a perfect serene view. You can compare this lake with the Pangong lake situated in Leh. This lake has a fascinating religious root that is respected and considered holy by three religions: Hindu, Sikh, and Muslims. 

  • Lachen, Lachung, Yamuthang:

This is the cultural root of Sikkim mostly because the locals that reside here are deeply connected with culture and traditions. Also, the Yamuthang valley is a place with a varied and vivid flower collection that is the most beautiful and the perfect place for scenery and serenity. If you ever visit Sikkim with the motto to explore its culture and tradition and know more about it, then this place is a must visit destination.