5 Most Eco-Friendly Cities You’ll Want to Move To

Although it can be costly to maintain, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that paying more for a greener environment is worth the cost. Now more than ever, it’s very important to take care of the planet we live on.

If you feel have strong feelings about this, you may be considering a move! Some places are more sustainable than others, and living in a greener place will help you contribute to taking care of the planet and make it easier to do so.

Although many cities tend to err on the side of not being particularly green at all, these eco-friendly cities are a great choice and the greenest in the US!

San Francisco

The advantages of solar panels can’t be overstated, and help the environment a huge amount. The issue is that they’re reliant on the sun.

That might make sense as to why California is a pretty green state in comparison to others!

With high air quality, eco-friendly buildings, and great transportation, San Francisco is considered a trailblazer in being green in the US. The cost of living is pretty high, but if you can afford it, moving to San Francisco is a great choice.

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San Diego

Ranked greenest city in the United States in 2018, San Diego is on par with San Francisco. 

With low greenhouse gas emissions and plenty of eco-friendly employment opportunities, San Diego is another Californian city that’s an awesome choice if you love helping the environment and care about the planet. 

Washington DC

The capital of the United States of America and home of the White House, Washington DC is also one of the best eco-friendly cities!

This is likely due to the unusual amount of greenery in it for a city. Home to national parks and a lot of hiking trails, it’s not your typical city with buildings close together and very few green spaces.

If you want a balance of nature and that city life, it’s one of the most sustainable cities you can move to that will fix that craving for fresh air. 

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Another city with a lot of greenery that makes it pretty eco-friendly is Seattle, Washington!

Not only that, but it has great transportation and high air quality, like the Californian cities. The West coast is, overall, pretty eco-friendly, and the cities close to it are all doing well in terms of sustainability. 


Not far away is Portland, Orgeon. Half of its power is from renewable sources, and this city is committed to making green choices. 

If you don’t fancy California, the often rainy Seattle, or the east coast, this is a solid choice. 

Any of These Eco-Friendly Cities Is a Great Choice

There are many eco-friendly cities in the US, and many cities that aren’t very sustainable at all. Picking any of these five would mean you’re living in a place with high air quality that puts effort into being green and keeping the planet a great and healthy place to live.

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