5 Best Destinations to Travel as a Student

Student years are the best to travel the world. You have fewer work and family commitments allowing you to be gone for weeks or even months without failing in your responsibilities.

Traveling is expensive and comes with expectations. It should, therefore, take you to the most rewarding destinations around the world. Since you are a student, your traveling experience should involve both learning and entertainment. Get assignment help from 123Homework experts to allow you to travel yet still submit your essays and coursework on time. 

Here are some of the most rewarding travel destinations for college students. 

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  1. Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon is for people who dream of cozy destinations where you can still enjoy a few hours reading. It is a rainy getaway, helping you to experience unique outdoors and the wild feeling. Oregon will also serve you local tea, keeping you warm while you enjoy the wet weather. 

Oregon is a choice for local tourists. It is cheap since you do not take international flights or have to process passports and pay for amenities like a tourist. If you want to jog your intellect while in Oregon, you have Powell’s Bookstore with over a million of them, covering different subjects. 

Outside the room, you can visit the Multnomah Falls and experience its cascading magical scene. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is also an excellent entertainment class for biologists, natural historians, paleontologists, and biologists, among other scholars. For food lovers, Oregon is the place to be. They have the famous voodoo doughnuts and locally brewed coffee in all varieties imaginable. It will feel like walking into heaven without having to pay for the space flight. 

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  1. Ireland

The destination suits persons who would like to visit Europe while avoiding the hustle of city attractions. The Irish people are extremely welcoming, giving you the best experience in a foreign land. The country also attracts a large number of international tourists, meaning that the systems are adjusted to make your visit comfortable. 

One of the best places to visit in Ireland is Emerald Island. You will experience the green rolling hills and breathtaking cliff landscape. You will also visit the historic castles that will ignite your love for history. 

Ireland has some of the most delicious foods. You will be tempted to taste their beer, one of the most unique tasting servings in the world. It is fun interacting with locals who speak English instead of their most common Irish.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey 

The trip takes you to the Middle East. Turkey is one of the countries with the richest civilization and religious history. It is also one of the most technologically advanced countries today. Istanbul is, therefore, a blend of modernity and history. Since the country is heavily reliant on tourism, it has set in place all the amenities and infrastructure you will need to have an unforgettable experience. Know more about Turkey by visiting https://madeinturkeytours.com/.

Istanbul is one of the cheapest yet most rewarding tourism destinations in the world. With a budget of just $30 a day, you are ready for the best experience. The food on the streets is as delicious as what you would find in some of the high-end restaurants. Nightlife in Istanbul is equally entertaining. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, you will create the most beautiful memories of traveling to Istanbul, Turkey. 

  1. Kenya, Africa

It is home to one of the greatest world wonders of modern time. A visit to the Masai Mara National Park will bring you head to head with the big five wildlife animals of the Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion, and leopard, all in the same habitat. The country is in the tropics, making it a tourist destination throughout the year. It is also cheap to move around and enter some of the most amazing attractions sites. 

  1. Panama

Panama is a real tourist destination for those who want a break. It has some of the most amazing beaches and tourism facilities around the world. It is also connected by flights to any destination you can imagine around the world. Have a feel of the beautiful old-time and the new infrastructure designed to attract tourists. It is affordable and equally rewarding for  tourists. 

Student budget should never discourage you from traveling. Look for student offers, travel in a group, or book your tour during the low season. Enjoy traveling the world while you are still young by engaging in writing services to handle your assignments.


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