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3 Reasons Why Being Eco Friendly Matters To You!

by Laxman Thapa
3 Reasons Why Being Eco Friendly Matters To You!

Now more than ever, many of us are becoming more aware of our decisions and are making small changes to live a more sustainable lifestyle. With the impact that we are having on the planet becoming more apparent, it is clear that change needs to happen in order to slow down the effects of climate change. For both businesses and consumers, there has been a huge uprise in the number of sustainable alternatives available to us, ranging from simple changes such as moving to eco-friendly takeaway packaging to large scale project such as turning waste into a renewable energy source. Whatever your lifestyle, we’ve pulled together three main reasons why you should consider living in a more eco-friendly manner.

  1. Save yourself some money

This one should be a no brainer! Getting into the habit of making eco-friendly decisions can actually make a big difference over time, with the small savings adding up as well as minimising your environmental footprint. Simple steps such as bringing your own carrier bags to the shop, turning off electricals when leaving the room, utilising refillable products and sourcing local produce can turn out much cheaper, being great lifestyle changes that don’t even compromise on convenience. Once you become aware of the little things you and your family may be doing, you will soon realise how much this all adds up and be able to make simple changes, watching as your small savings add up.

  1. Preserve the condition of our planet

Even throughout our lifespan, the changes we have noticed in our environment are incredibly alarming. With unpredictable weather conditions and an increase in natural disasters on our hands, each and every one of us should be doing our bit to slow down the progress of climate change. Deforestation is a major issue that has resulted from our consumer habits, releasing pollutants into the air and affecting the wildlife that lives among the forests, being an unreversible process that will take thousands of years to recover from. Emissions are another huge area of concern, resulting in global warming which is affecting our oceans, earth temperatures and quality of air purity, causing health concerns as we continue to pollute the planet.

  1. Live a more natural lifestyle

As consumers, we are surrounded by advertising and brands who are pushing different products and procedures onto us. As much as it is easy to buy into all of the different skincare products, dietary supplements and cosmetics on the market, have you reflected on what actually goes into these items? Many products and processed foods contain a range of chemicals which offer no benefit to our bodies so looking out for more natural solutions can see a vast improvement in the quality of your lifestyle. As well as enhancing our lifestyle, natural products are much more eco-friendly, using more sustainable manufacturing processes and resulting in less harmful waste which can naturally break down rather than using non-biodegradable materials which will fill our landfill sites.

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