19 Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Nails – HealthPally Boss

No matter how often and how accurately you paint your nails, the result will only look good if the base is good.

Here are the best tips for beautiful, well-groomed fingers.

Don’t worry, with these tips, brittle fingernails will soon shine.

1.Trim your Nails Properly

Filing is the best way to go. Files strengthen brittle nails, and glass models blend them.

If you want to use scissors or clippers, you should make sure that the nails are completely dry, because when they are wet, they can tear much faster.

2.Treat discolored Nails

“When the blood flow is reduced, keratin is formed, which causes a yellowish discoloration”, says Prof. Dr. Dietrich Abeck.

White spots caused by damage to the nail root are harmless. Quick help: “Super Whitener” from Misslyn, approx. 5 €.

3.Dealing with Brittle Nails

Cold and hot aiir can remove moisture from the nails. Since they cannot re-oil themselves, they then become brittle.

 Products that are made with silicon and sulfur protect and mineralize the nails,” explains our expert, Akin Chaktty from Healthpally.com

4.Removes Nail Fungus

Nail fungus needs treatment! It is best to wash all stockings with hot water and disinfect the shoes. Water-soluble paints with the active ingredient

5.Good Nutrition for Nails

High protein food, e.g. B. poultry meat, milk, soy products, strengthens the nails. If you want to help with nutritional supplements, you can use biotin.

“The recommended daily intake of biotin is 5 mg for three months,” says Healthpally boss. .

6.Exercise keeps Nails Healthy and Strong

Good blood circulation is important for nail strengthening and growth.

Exercise is a simple way to stimulate this. But a little hand massage or a round of typing on the computer keyboard also improves the supply of nutrients.

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7.Nails developing Grooves

Longitudinal grooves are genetic and can increase with age. However, they are harmless.

Cross grooves, on the other hand, can be caused by injuries, vitamin, or iron deficiency.

When painting, a groove filler evens out this unevenness.

8.Nail Break and Regrowth

Gel nails are actually useful and not having an issue. However, there is a risk of allergic reactions to ingredients.

There is also a risk: Infections from cavities that arise during the application, or damage to the nail plate during grinding.

And is the nail already damaged? “A therapy break of three months is recommended here,” says Professor Abeck.

9.Cracked Cuticles must be Cared for

Cuticles that grow in the wild not only look unsightly, they also tear quickly.

The tiny injuries are a gateway for bacteria. But cutting is bad because the membrane has a protective function.

At most, gently pushing it back with a rosewood stick is allowed. Better prevention with the “pomegranate nail care pen.

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10.Deep build-up For the Nails

A bath in olive oil is beneficial and gives you a new shine. Simply heat it up and leave it on for five minutes.

11.Maintain your Nail Regularly

Regular care is the top priority for beautiful nails. If you only care for your fingernails every few weeks, you will sooner or later have bad fingernails.

At least once a week, you should spend about half an hour to take good care of your nails

12.File your Nail Properly

The file should not be made of metal, because it roughs up the nails and makes them split more easily.

A glass file makes shape without damaging the nail. Before filing the nails, they must be absolutely dry, otherwise, they will tear.

Always file from the outside in, never back and forth. Start with a coarse file and then switch to a finer one.

13.Smooth the File Edge

You should take extra care of the front edge of the nails. The polishing file helps to seal the leading edge.

The smoother it is filed, the less likely the fingernail is to tear.

14.Gently push back cuticles

The cuticle is not cut. Otherwise, there is a risk of infections. For care, simply moisten your hands (or care for them immediately after showering) and then gently push back the cuticles.


A polishing file ensures the right shine. Usually, this consists of three different zones. Start with the coarsest and just file away any bumps on the nail. The second file smooths, the third ensures a brilliant shine.


After the manicure, the nails deserve pampering care. Care serum or nail oil care for and soothe.

17.Do a nail regimen

If you want to give your nails an extra break, bathe them in a mixture of olive and jojoba oil. This makes the nails supple and resilient.

18.Protect the nails

The best manicure and care are useless if the nails are softened during housework and attacked by aggressive cleaning agents

If the rag has to be swung, be sure to protect your nails with gloves.

19.Eat the Right Thing

Those who want beautiful nails can also make a difference through diet.

Drinking a lot is generally important, but the nails also benefit from sufficient moisture: they shine and become elastic.

Dairy products, mushrooms, fish, fruit, and vegetables provide numerous valuable ingredients such as biotin, vitamin A and calcium, which are essential for healthy nails.