12 Smart Space-Saving Hacks for Your Bathroom

Organizing the bathroom can be difficult for many of us, and having a tiny lavatory offers a different level of challenge in keeping our space looking neat and orderly. This is often tricky, and some owners may even think it’s impossible to fit all necessities in a smaller space. But of course, it’s still very possible! 

We have collected the best space-saving and stylish hacks you can use to turn your old, crowded, and unorganized bathroom into a well-ordered, spacious, and gorgeous-looking bathroom in just a snap. By maximizing all available spaces by using elevated or wall-mounted cabinets and putting some corner bathroom storage, these hacks will surely help people to save space without compromising the overall aesthetics of their small bathroom.

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1. Maximize Your Bathrooms Corner

If you are running out of space but need to put things in order, having minimalist bathroom corner storage such as shelves and cabinets can do wonders. It gives your bathroom style, accessibility, and space-saving utility. Not many homeowners utilize the corners, so installing storage would be a good idea.

2. Separate Bathroom Storage Items

Sorting out and putting things in their proper places can help you find your essential bathroom items more easily. That is why having separate storage for different items could give you easy access to the things you need. Having individual containers for different items can also make your bathroom look more organized and spacious.

3. Utilize the Door Space

One of the most favored space-saving hacks, utilizing your door space allows you to use an extra idle area behind your door and transform it into another set of storage. You can place here your essential bathroom needs. Adding hooks at the back is one of the easiest and fastest ways to add extra space to your tiny comfort area. You can also mount towel bars or wooden shelves for a trendier and more functional storage unit.

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4. Use the Under Sink Cabinets

We often forget that under-sink cabinets are made for storing things we often use in the bathroom. So we should take advantage of this roomy cabinet to keep our cleaning supplies, such as rugs, brushes, and any other cleaning solutions. You can add more room to this cabinet by adding organizers to categorize your things and easily grab any item you need. This is also a perfect place to store your extra paper towels and a trash bag dispenser.

5. Hang Bathroom Organizer

Mounting a hanging organizer on your wall is a great space-saving idea. Hanging organizers are perfect storage, where you can store big bottled shampoos, body wash, and hair conditioner. One of the best choices for this is the wire shower organizer, which has multiple storage options that you can choose from.

6. Use Magnetic Strips

One of the best places for magnetic strips is in your bathroom. Use it and put it inside the cabinet, drawers, or even on the side of your counter to add extra storage for some of the metallic items you need inside. Besides its space-saving ability, it can also help you avoid losing things that you might need from time to time, such as nail clippers, bobby pins, and others.

 7. Install a Medicine Cabinet

Adding a medicine cabinet to your tiny bathroom can be a big help in giving you extra storage for things you need. This cabinet can help you reduce the clutter inside and give a sense of organization that will make your tiny bathroom spacious, clean, and hygienic at the same time. You can also opt for a medicine cabinet with a mirror on its door to make it more elegant looking and functional as well.

8. Build a Shelf Over the Door

If you don’t have enough space for storage, you can look up and turn the extra space above your bathroom door into a new and useful storage place. Putting a shelf over the door can give you an extra space where you can store clean bathroom towels whenever you need them.

9. Opt for a Shower, Not Bathtubs

Are you renovating your old tiny bathroom? Why don’t you replace your old bathtubs and opt for a shower instead? Besides being space consumers, people nowadays don’t often use their bathtubs because of their busy everyday life. But on the contrary, showers can give you a quick body bath whenever you need it the most, and more importantly, it saves space. You can save your bathtub in other bathrooms with a bigger space.

10. Over the Toilet Storage

Adding wall-mounted shelves and baskets above your toilet can give extra storage to your bathroom essentials. Having storage like this means another space where you can store your extra toilet paper, stocks of skin lotions, and other bathroom needs. It may also serve as a minimalist décor that adds elegance and style.

11. Put a Slanted Shelf Inside Your bathroom

Putting a multi-purpose slanted shelf inside your bathroom takes up less space and gives you more legroom for you to move freely. More than being a great space-saving piece of furniture inside your bathroom, it also gives accessibility to bathroom items that you need.

12. Sink Side Cosmetic and Skincare Organizer

This Sink Side organizer is a place where you can store items you usually use whenever you are in the front of your sink and the mirror. This compartment is a good storage container that you use whenever you are in front of the mirror and sink, such as your skincare products and cosmetics.

Final Thoughts

With those space-saving hacks, organizing small bathrooms is now much easier and realizable. And having limited space does not mean you don’t deserve an elegant-looking bathroom. Just by picking the right choice of storage and maximizing all of the space available in your bathroom, you can still have a spacious and classy bathroom that can fit your lifestyle.

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